Grass Fed Lamb

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Our Top-Quality Grass Fed Lamb

In order to provide high quality grass fed lamb we have had to increase our price per pound of lamb as a result of the drought, Arizona lamb shortage, and increase in our processing costs.   Thank you for choosing us to provide you with nutritious locally grass fed lamb.  If it states there is a backorder, we are out of supply.  We are hopeful that we will have more lambs in the fall. (August 2021)

Arizona Grass Fed Lambs are raised by the “old ranching methods,” feeding them food that is as close as possible to their native diets. No corn, feed grains, animal or industrial feed by-products are used to finish the lambs. We do not implant the animals with hormones or feed them growth-promoting additives. Animals raised on pasture live very low-stress lives. As a result of their superb nutrition and lack of stress, they are superbly healthy. When eating Grass Fed Lamb you are eating food that is nutritious, wholesome, and delicious. We have chosen Arizona breeds of lamb that yields a mild and tender flavor. These breeds of sheep are much different than a New Zealand or Australian breed of sheep. New Zealand and Australian sheep are typically found in the average grocery store. These lambs often taste very strong and gamy because they are bred for their wool not their meat. We acquire the Arizona Grass Fed Lambs from ranchers that respect our belief in raising lambs in the most humane and natural methods. The average age of our grass fed lambs are 9 to 12 months old at the time of processing. Our Arizona product is available year round in limited quantities. We sell whole, half, quarter, or individual cuts of lamb. Prices per lb. are on the cut and wrapped package weights.

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