Beef Overstock Box Specials

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Our Top-Quality Beef Overstock Boxes

We have put together several Beef Overstock Boxes allowing our customers to try different cuts of beef or a beloved one cut at a reduced price as a THANK YOU.

As always, the beef, regardless of the cut or packaging, will be:

  • 100% grass-fed, grass-finished
  • No antibiotics or hormones
  • Not grain fed
  • Aged at least 14 days for maximum tenderness
  • Hand-cut by master butchers
  • Naturally nutrient-rich food, rich with Omega 3s and Vitamin A

Due to the nature of these specials, we will only be accepting cash or checks as payment methods at the time of delivery (which is included).

This offer will only be on-line and delivered to your door, it will NOT be available at the farmers markets.

Each box is unique, purchase just one of the selections or all, however, please limit the quantity per each selection to one.

This is for a limited time, once the inventory is gone, the box special will be closed until next time.

** pictures shown are for example purposes only, the cut you will receive may look different in size and aesthetics.

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