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Alabama native, Chris Hall chef of Southern Boys Soups & Such, brings his southern charm and taste to Arizona with delicious soups.  Combining JH Grass Fed meats and locally grown products Chris has created mouth savoring bowls of Tomato & Roasted Fennel, Butternut Cider soup, JH Grass Fed Beef and Barley with White Beans, Red and Green Chili with beans, Pork or beef gravy, Ham Hock, & Kale soup, and more.  You can pick up or order online a bowl of southern comfort.


We offer Alaskan Pride Seafoods.  Their goal is to provide the highest quality seafood that they catch or purchase from their fellow fishermen.  They specialize in wild hook and line caught fish and pot caught shellfish.  Their seafood comes from sustainably managed fisheries and does not contain any added hormones, antibiotics, or colorants as are commonly found in farmed fish. They offer assorted salmon, whitefish, smoked fish, shellfish, and tuna.  Availability depends on season.  We provide a limited selection of fish.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please email us.


** pictures shown are for example purposes only, the cut you will receive may look different in size and aesthetics.

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